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  • The neuroscience of the entrepreneurial mind


LHR has mentored and coached over 150 individuals and organizations in best techniques for quickly generating a compelling business model, presenting it to VC’s and angels for funding, and executing: integrating strategy, people, processes, and customers successfully.

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Talent in Transition

LHR has developed and implemented a program over the last four years to help people whose careers are in transition learn new skills, a positive mindset, and the capability to apply their potential in new entrepreneurial settings.

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Rapid Realignment

It is not the strongest or most intelligent that survives, to paraphrase Darwin, but the most adaptable. LHR works with you to develop a rapid response to insure that your resources internally and externally are all aligned for optimal performance.

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Trying to do everything alone is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make. We have developed a successful process to help entrepreneurs find strategic partners who provide know-how, resources, capabilities. Clients partner to enhance capabilities, e.g. in technology, finance, marketing.

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